Projector Care Tips

• Read the user's manual that came with your projector. It will include operational information specific to your projector.

• Do not operate your projector in direct sunlight or near a heat source.

• Avoid using your projector in a smoky environment, as this can cause damage to the optics of the unit and can void your warranty.

• Save the shipping box for safe, secure storage when not in use. The original box and packing material is the safest way to pack your unit.

• For optimal image quality, always keep your lens clean. The safest way to clean your lens is with a lens cloth or microfiber cloth.

• Once you turn on your projector, wait at least five minutes before turning it off to allow the fan to properly cool the unit.


Extend the Life of Your Lamp

• Lamp life for a projector will vary based on many factors including application, intake of cool air and exhaust of hot air, usage, and proper maintenance.

• Always allow your projector to cool completely before turning off or unplugging. Remember that excessive heat can greatly shorten your lamp life.

• Any glass components of a lamp should never be handled without gloves. Fingerprint deposits cause temperature 'hot spots'. Over the long term, the temperature gradient caused by the ‘hot spots’ stresses the glass, resulting in early failure.

• Clean the air filters of the projector every three to six months, or more frequently, based on your operating environment. Blocked filters make the lamp overheat and fail early.

• Always ensure that there is good airflow around the projector.  Do not obstruct the air intake or exhaust vent.  Keep the exhaust vent at least two feet from any object.