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Lamp Replacement Program

Projector Lamp Replacement Program

Electrosonic's unique lamp program eliminates the hassle of procuring, storing and purchasing projector lamps. The program's annual contract locks in your lamp price, ensures there is a lamp on our shelf ready to ship to you, starts the warranty on the day you install the lamp and handles recycling. We estimate the number of lamps you will need in a year and store them in one of our warehouses, ready to ship to you before you need them.

Choose from a large selection of original equipment lamps (OEM) or select from our OEM equivalent Xenon and UHP lamps at up to 50% less than OEM prices. As each customer and audio-visual system is completely unique, the lamp program is fully customizable to meet your individual needs.

Highlights of Our Lamp Replacement Program:

Extended Warranty
The warranty begins at installation

Set Price and Budget
For as long as the program is in place

Payment on Receipt
You don't pay until you receive the lamp

Guaranteed Availability
The right lamp when you need it

Free Recycling
Ensures environmentally responsible disposal

Installation & Calibration
Optimize image quality with this optional service


To learn more call us at +1 888 343-3604 (USA) or +44 1322 282391 (UK)

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