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Installation & Calibration Service

Projector Installation and Calibration

Projector Calibration
For optimal results, each time you change your projector lamp, the projector should be calibrated. Projector calibration ensures that your projector produces its best possible image. In most cases, contrast or brightness need to be adjusted for better black levels, shadow detail and highlight detail need to be improved, and colors need to be brought back to specifications.   

Electrosonic’s technicians have the skills and tools to ensure your projector is providing the best image quality. A professional projector calibration will include adjustments for the widest luminance dynamic range; accurate settings for the three primary colors of red, green, and blue; and calibration to a specific color temperature.

Lamp Installation
Let our experienced technical staff install your lamp. If you don’t feel comfortable installing the lamp, don’t risk installation that may damage your expensive projector and affect your warranty.

Lamp Replacement Program
Subscribe to our lamp program for a hassle-free way to ensure your projectors are always operating at their maximum performance.  Visit the lamp program page for more info.


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