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AV Support Services

AV Support Service

Beyond projector lamps sales, Electrosonic provides an extensive list of support services to ensure that all your audio-visual goals are met.

Critical Spares Equipment Program

• No charge for covered equipment repairs.
• Express freight service paid by Electrosonic to and from service site.

Priority Repair of Defective Product

• Dedicated service center ensures priority turn-around.

On-Site Dedicated Technical Staff

• Technicians dedicated to your facility’s needs.
• Full coverage while a technician is out for training or vacation.

Technical Phone Support & Emergency Response

• Connect with an experienced Electrosonic technician who is ready to address your concerns.
• Guaranteed response times available for on-site service calls

System Health Checks

• Scheduled preventative maintenance visits and overall system tests.

System Programming Services

• Expert assistance and enhancement.
• AMX, Crestron, Medialon, MediaMatrix and more.

Projector Lamp Replacement Program

• Spare and replacement lamps built into your annual contract budget.
• Learn more about our Lamp Replacement Program

Projector Calibration & Lamp Installation

• For optimal results, each time you change your lamp, the projector should be calibrated.
• Learn more about our projector calibration and lamp installation services

AMT Software

• Asset Management Tracking software for customer equipment and inventory.


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