OEM versus Copy Lamps

It is estimated that over 60% of projector lamps sold online are counterfeit or low quality copy lamps. Don’t accidentally buy these products. Many sites claim you are getting OEM original lamps but you are not.

Electrosonic only sells the highest quality lamps and offers you the choice of original manufacturers lamps (OEM) and cost-effective OEM equivalent lamps called Diamond Lamps and Sapphire Lamps. We stand behind all our lamps with our 30 day satisfaction guarantee and our 90 day enhanced warranty. Learn more about the lamps we sell here.


Brightness and Rich Color
Every component from the lamp, through the optics, power supply, electronics and processing algorithms, are harmonized to give an optimum image. All components of the lamp are essential to the performance of your projector.

Projector lamps operate at extremely high temperatures, at high voltage and high pressure. They are safe due to the scrupulous manufacturing and testing processes employed.

Lamp Lifetime
With replacement projector lamps, the whole electrical package has to be harmonized for best results.  Poor component selection and build quality will reduce the performance and life of the lamp. The lamp driver unit or ballast is often uniquely designed for the lamp of each projector model to ensure a steady arc of light and an image that doesn't flicker. A steady arc results in a cleaner image, controlled component aging and reliability in future lamp ignition. If the arc jumps, it will damage the burners' electrodes causing the image to flicker and become harder to start as the arc gap widens.

Overheating is often the cause of early lamp failure which is why the projector manufacturers spend considerable development time in managing airflow for lamp cooling. Even the grill size of an air filter can have a noticeable effect on the lamp performance and lifetime.

A malfunctioning lamp may damage the projector and void the complete projector's warranty.


It’s important to learn about the elements that make a projector lamp. Projector illumination comes from a light source that is mounted in a cage or lamp housing. The light source is typically called the “lamp” but can also be called the “bulb”. Electric current comes from “connectors” mounted to the cage. The entire package is called the lamp module.

It is important when purchasing that you get the entire lamp module, otherwise you will be tasked with assembling the bare bulb into your housing which is not recommended. Most online stores sell the module even if they call it a lamp for short. Some of the common types of lamp and projection technology include: DLP lamps, LCD lamps, UHP and Xenon.