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OEM & Quality Alternative Lamps
Electrosonic only sells the highest quality lamps and offers you the choice of original manufacturers lamps (OEM) and cost-effective high quality alternative lamps called Diamond Lamps and Sapphire Lamps. We stand behind our lamps with our 30 day satisfaction guarantee and our 90 day enhanced warranty. Learn more about these three types of lamps.

What are Counterfeit and Copy Lamps?
It is estimated that over 60% of projector lamps sold online are counterfeit or copy-lamps. Don’t compromise the safety and life of the lamp and the brightness and rich color your projector was designed to provide.  Learn more about the difference between OEM and copy lamps.

Is Your Projector Optimally Calibrated?
Did you know that without proper calibration your projector could be significantly under-performing? The right lamp and a professional calibration can maximize the image quality and brightness of your projector. Learn more.

Projector and Lamp Care Tips
Extend the life of your lamp and projector by reading our care tips. Following a few simple steps will ensure that you maximize your projector and lamp investment. Learn more.

Free Recycling
We offer free recycling of your used projector lamps that contain chemicals such as mercury that can be harmful to the environment if they are not disposed of correctly. We will take the projector lamps you send us and recycle them through a certified waste management company and according to local regulations. Learn more.